ONE-TIME  Financial Plan

Are you more of the DIY type?  Or not looking for ongoing advice?  Then this service is for you.

One-time Comprehensive Financial Plan

For individuals and couples looking for a full, comprehensive financial plan without ongoing guidance.  Includes two planning meetings (one for data gathering, one for planning delivery), full analysis of your financial situation, a detailed follow up email with our recommendations, and follow up support for 30 days following our last meeting.

    Topics can include:

    • Tax efficient accumulation and withdrawal strategies
    • Retirement planning
    • Investment allocation and diversification strategies
    • Insurance and risk management
    • Stock option evaluation (RSUs, PSUs, NQOs)
    • Tax planning
    • Planning for health care costs
    • Social Security planning (if nearing retirement)
    • Employee benefit planning
    • College planning
    • Career planning and transitions
    • Major purchase planning
    • Legacy and philanthropic planning
    • Relocation decisions
    • Other financial questions as they arise



    $5,200* – **Not currently accepting new clients**

    (50% upfront and 50% upon completion)

    *Fee may be higher if you have a taxable estate (currently about $12 million for individuals and $24 million for couples at the federal level, although some states have an estate tax with lower thresholds), are an owner of a complex business, require more meetings, and/or have private investments that necessitate additional analysis.