retirement planning & Investment management

“The value of wealth is relative to what you need.”  Morgan Housel

We’re here to provide clarity and objective advice for just about any financial question you may face.

We help you answer the following questions:

Are you saving enough to retire?

Will your savings last your lifetime?

Are you paying too much in taxes?

Are you working longer than you need to? (or not long enough?)

Are your investments properly diversified?

What should you do for health insurance before you’re eligible for Medicare?

And others as they arise.


Service Includes:

  • Investment management
  • Tax efficient accumulation and withdrawal strategies
  • Retirement planning
  • Investment allocation and diversification strategies
  • Insurance and risk management
  • Stock option evaluation (RSUs, PSUs, NQOs)
  • Tax planning
  • Planning for health care costs
  • Social Security planning
  • Employee benefit planning
  • College planning
  • Career planning and transitions
  • Major purchase planning
  • Legacy and philanthropic planning
  • Relocation decisions
  • Estate planning with your attorney
  • Other financial questions as they arise


$2,500* per quarter ($10,000 per year) flat fee plus a one-time upfront fee of $950.


After the initial financial planning process for new clients of 2 – 4 meetings, this service includes one comprehensive financial planning meeting per year (in-person or virtual), focused tax and check-in meetings, and phone calls and emails as things arise throughout the year.

Service also includes investment management at no additional charge.


*Quarterly fee may be higher if you have a taxable estate (currently about $12 million for individuals and $24 million for couples at the federal level, although some states have an estate tax with lower thresholds), are an owner of a complex business, prefer frequent meetings, and/or have private investments that require additional analysis.